Acute and emergency therapy of convulsions

- Instructions for the layman -

Sensible measures:

Babies > 4 months: 5mg
Infants >15kg body weight: 10mg
School-children: 10-20mg
Adults: 20-30mg
If neffective, i.e. if the convulsions continue or there es a renewed attack, this dose may be repeated after 5-10 minutes at the earliest. In such cases, always call an ambulance and inform relatives.

Superfluous measures:

Source: H. Schneble, H.-P. Ernst: Vademecum Antiepilepticum

Note: Care has been taken to confirm the accuracy of the information presented and to discribe generally accepted practice. However, no liability can be overtaken by the authors.
The reader is urged to check the package insert and the professional information for each drug for any change or deviation, particularly for added warnings and precautions. Also, lisenced indications, trademarks or dosage strenghts may vary from country to country.

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