Jesus healing a man in chains who has epilepsy Deutsches Epilepsiemuseum Kork
Jesus healing a man in chains who has epilepsy.
Tablet around 1750. Lutheran Church in Krummenau
(Photograph Max Galli)

In the Hunsrück there are a number of small baroque churches whose architecture was influenced by Lutheranism. The inner architecture and the fittings as well as the sparse painting is often of a stirring naivety. In some places one finds pictures portraying the life of Christ in rustic style painted in rich colours onto the boards of the gallery balustrade. The idea behind the paintings was usually a well-thought-out, educational, theological programme which aimed at teaching the mostly illiterate parishioners about the stories in the Bible and their meaning.
It is not certain whether the tablets on the church in Krummenau were made in the workshop of Johann Georg Engisch, who also painted the pictures in the Lutheran church in the neighbouring village of Dill.
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